Luxembourg - 18K Gold Vermeil Blue Topaz Ring


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Love this piece of jewellery? Does it remind you of a special moment in your life? Remember that magical moment. Relate this jewellery item with that memory. Own it and proudly hold it in your hand and trace it with your fingers as you recall and relive that moment again.

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Perfect cutting technique makes it comfortable, no sharp prongs, The inside is finished nicely. A classic and dainty design filled with Blue topaz as the main stone, every lady deserve to own this ring.


This 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Blue Topaz + Zircons Ring matches any style of clothes. You will be shiny and give them the best memories!  Suitable for your fingers, easy to wear, not allergic. It shows your elegance and desire to bring you good luck, this stunning jewelry with your daily clothing makes you more charming.

  • Material: 18K Vermeil Gold plated  - 925 Sterling Silver(Base)
  • Stone: Natural Blue Topaz(center stone) + Zircons(side stones)
  • Stone Shape: Oval + Round
  • Stone Origin: USA
  • Stone Weight/Size: 0.98ct 5x3mm Blue Topaz
  • Item Weight:1,49g
Behind The Gem

This gemstone is thousands of years old. It was extracted from the Mother Earth in USA and is classified among the highest degrees of quality due to its purity, cut and charming color.

Gem cutting style: This cut was made by our gem cutting experts in India it's called "Oval Brilliant Cut" 
The brilliant cut is known that it gives off the most scintillation of any cut. Moreover, it makes you get the most of the gem healing properties. N
ot to mention it also makes you get the most of the gem healing properties.

Cleaning: Prepare a mild soapy water and gently clean it with a soft brush, dry it with a soft cloth or air dry. Avoid chemicals or ultrasonic cleaner!


This product is made of the highest quality and purity of 925 Sterling Silver as a base material with 2.5 microns of 18K gold vermeil, which it’s 500% thicker than the regular plating. 


Vermeil is a high-quality version of gold plating that is a great balance of long-lasting wear and affordability. In the realm of gold-tone jewelry, gold vermeil is the best quality ring you can get short of buying solid gold. For people who want a cheap, high-quality alternative to solid gold, vermeil is your answer! Our Gold Vermeil jewelry use 18k gold and plating that is 2.5 microns thick. Gold vermeil is superior to gold-plated jewelry.

Extend the life of your jewelry

as a gold vermeil piece of jewelry, I am still made of sterling silver as a base metal, so i have a lot of things that i like, and I don't.

so If you want to take care of me and extend my life with you, i would be so glad if you fulfill my needs.


- Swim or Exercise: I don't like to swim and exercise, because your sweat creates a chemical reaction to me just like perfume and it can harm me.

- UltraSonic: Please! don't clean me with ultrasonic cleaner!! I have a gemstone on me and it can really destroy me.

- No hand cream please!

- Perfume and Cosmetics: as I said i really don't like chemicals, so please don't spray perfume on me and wait until all your makeup is absorbed before wearing me on.


- Clean: I like to be rinsed with warm water and a mild dishwasher detergent and be rubbed  gently.

- Remove Oils: Before storing me, please use a microfiber cloth and remove the oil that could build up through the day. I want to keep shining.

- Store alone: Because I am special, i like to stand alone in my box, if you put me with other pieces, it can cause some scratches on my surface which is not fun.

- Store in a closed box or bag: please close the box when storing me, this is how i feel safe, away from air and dust.

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Luxembourg - 18K Gold Vermeil Blue Topaz Ring